Smart Guide: Top Ways How to Deal with Jealousy?

jealousy, rid of jealousy, happyWe all feel jealous sometimes. It is an emotion that we may experience now and then. It is common to feel insecure or jealous when in a romantic relationship, or when faced with the challenge of accepting someone better than you into your fold.

Feeling jealous of someone is part of the human experience, but it is not necessarily a good thing. Sometimes, the feeling gets out of hand and may turn you into a toxic person. Luckily, there are ways to rid yourself of this negative emotion. Here are some great ways to deal with overwhelming jealousy:

1. Look to Your Higher Self

Jealousy stems from a personal lack of self-confidence. When we see people who we feel are better than us, we are swept away by pangs of jealousy. The best way to eliminate any ill will we feel is by remembering we have positive qualities. We often forget to praise ourselves for our brilliant attributes. Every individual is unique and has a distinct talent to bring to the table. Focusing on such personal positives will boost our self-esteem. In turn, we will be less likely to express jealousy towards other people.

2. Tell Jealousy to Sit Down

Jealousy always wants what you don’t have and tells you that you are not good enough. It is insatiable and ruthless, so don’t feed it. Jealousy gives us a signal that we need to take control back into our own hands and away from our insecurities that feed the flame of resentment. Remember, the power is always in your hands. Make a smart choice and tell jealousy to sit down.

3. See Your Jealousy Differently

You may feel jealous or upset for a while, but if it persists, you should act on it. Jealousy is alluring on the outside, but an ugly monster on the inside. You don’t want to follow a monster like that! Your internal conscience often vaporizes when plagued with jealousy. To avoid acting on your negative impulses triggered by jealousy, always remind yourself that it is wrong. Doing harmful things to others will not make your life any better. Instead, convince yourself to turn away from ill will and try strengthening your ties with people by focusing on their positive attributes.

4. Discuss Your Feelings with a Neutral Party

Talking about your jealousy may help you analyze it better. By sharing your feelings with a person you trust, you open up the gates to a new and fresh perspective. A therapist may be able to guide your partner and you to see things from a positive viewpoint, work through your negative emotions, and co-create a better couple dynamic.


5. Place Trust in Your Partner

Jealousy is a common phenomenon in romantic relationships. You can be jealous of another couple’s success, or of the way a potential competitor interacts with your significant other. Lack of trust in your partner when they interact with such people is one of the main reasons why couples fight, but it should not come between your partner and you. Let them know you trust them. It will make them feel good about themselves and serve as a reminder for them to keep your trust.

Jealousy may be a toxic trait, but with some help and patience, you can overcome it for good!

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