Top Issues: Why do Couples Fight? Find the Reason

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What do you think the reason why couples fight? When you commit to a relationship, the last thing you think about is fighting with your significant other. However, sometimes the love of your life becomes the very person that gets your blood boiling. When a relationship becomes toxic, you need to take a step back and focus on your mental health. Therapy is a great way to get reacquainted with yourself.

The ultimate decision is solely yours to make, but if you think the best course of action is to patch things up, you should first know why couples fight. Understanding the major reasons behind couples’ arguments can help you mediate your own relationship. Here are the top issues that trigger fights:

1.     Miscommunication between Couples

The tragedy of miscommunication is that it can damage a relationship that could otherwise have been saved through calm communication. In such scenarios, couples therapy may help, though the best thing for your relationship is to discuss any concerns in depth with your partner and hear them out, too.

2.      Money

You can’t sustain a household without money. Generally, couples work it out, but a problem arises when you stop seeing eye to eye with your significant other on money matters. To solve this, your partner and yourself must work together to create a strict budget plan that you both must adhere to.

3.      Spending Excessive Time Online

Younger couples complain of their partners spending an excessive amount of time on their phones. The advent of social media has, ironically, moved those close to us farther away. When one half of the couple spends more time online than with their significant other, problems occur. This often leads to stress and diminishes the mutual feeling of love.

4.      Lack of Physical Intimacy

Couples may argue when either partner feels unloved. Physical acts of appreciation and endearment keep the relationship healthy. But when they diminish in regularity, the love drains away, too. Communicate with your partner and inform them of your needs. Remember to encourage them to open up and share their feelings and wishes, too. Intimate moments should make you both feel good about yourselves.

5.      Busy Parenting

Your kids are important, but they should not be the reason you feel obligated to live within a toxic relationship. You must take time out for yourself and to work on your relationship. The same applies to your partner. Do not neglect your relationship because you are busy with the kids.

Presenting a united front as a couple will help you raise your children in a healthy environment. This unity can only be achieved by working with your partner on repairing the relationship.

Arguments and disagreements frequent every relationship, but most of them are preventable and can be overcome with the support of your partner. By sharing your feelings and learning to accept your partner’s points of concern, you can work on your relationship as a team.

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