I've seen research showing that talk therapy can help many people. Many of my clients report relief from stress, depression, anxiety, and relationship issues...as well as finding a greater sense of peace and happiness. While some people may well be able to handle this alone, I believe that having an unbiased third party—who only cares about you—can make the process easier and sometimes faster. With support, encouragement, and tools that counseling provides, you are more likely to engage in the change process and less likely to give up.

You don't have to be in a constant level of stress for peak performance. It's not healthy and it can destroy your sense of perspective. Counseling can help make sure you are performing at your best whether you are at home, work, or in your relationships...without all the added stress. You deserve to feel better, calmer, and at peace. In fact, many people I have worked with find is that when their anxiety level goes down, their focus level goes up...and they can actually focus from a tranquil place inside.

You bet they are! (Think back about how your own parents' anxiety and stress affected you.) As a good parent, you know that kids are like little monkeys that ape what we do. Sometime that's adorable. Sometimes, not so much. So, most times it’s just better to work through your anxiety on your own, so that your kids don’t have more positive behaviors to emulate.

Yes...and no. First, consider that we are all wired differently. Some of us function better when we are more wired for anxiety than others. So it is perfectly okay for you to have a more stress and anxiety than your partner. On the other hand, you could actually feel better without all that added stress....and eventually, it could affect your relationship. If you're not sure what's right for you, please get in touch with the Women's Therapy Center.

Yes. Men are absolutely welcome. While I focus on counseling women, anxiety and stress can greatly affect men, as well. Plus, for couples counseling, men can be an integral part of the process.

Great question—please come in any way! Let us show you how you can still save your relationship, even if you are the only one who wants to stay in it. We can teach you how to turn your partner’s attitude from “I’m done!” to “Let’s give this one more try.” Let us show you how. Many people find that as they seek help and feel better, the relationship improves. After all, when you are happier—everything looks and feels better—and IS better.

I am here to help you sort out your thoughts and feelings so that you can make decisions in ways that will help you feel better. I won’t tell you what to do, but I will support you as you explore your options. As a couple's therapist, I will help you and your partner understand what is not working and teach you the skills to help you get what you want.

Excellent question! Most of the women I work want change in those three areas, sometimes even simultaneously! At Women’s Therapy Institute, we can provide counseling in multiple areas of life seamlessly. There is absolutely no reason to sacrifice one area while working on another. I can work with you to help discover joy and fulfillment in multiple areas of your life.

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Excellent! We know that seeking counseling may not be easy, and we want to make the process as easy for you as possible. You can click here  to schedule an appointment.

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