We Welcome

All Gender Identities

And All Cultures.

Let’s Take Care of You!

What will your life look like when you can feel joy again?

People around you may be telling you to stop worrying, or to stop feeling so down. Even YOU wish you could just stop worrying and stop the feelings of sadness. You may be beating yourself up for not being able to change the way you feel. You may be feeling alone or misunderstood.

You are not alone and you don’t need to beat yourself up. We have all been there, and we want to help.

Together, we can kick sadness, constant worrying, and toxic relationships to the curb. We can help you regain your sense of confidence, and help you experience more laughter, more optimism, and deeper, more healthy relationships!

Women’s Therapy Institute – Women’s Health Counseling in Palo Alto, CA & Mountain View, CA

Women’s Therapy Institute is a local women’s therapy center providing full-service mental health counseling services in Palo Alto, CA, Mountain View, CA, and the nearby areas. WTI was founded by Mabel and was born from a desire to help those who identify themselves as women and girls who are coping with stress, anxiety, depression, relationship problems, and other health concerns. Our practice has evolved into a team of clinicians who are dedicated to helping women and girls live their very best lives.

Tools to Overcome Life’s Challenges

Whether you are facing depression, anxiety, relationship concerns, work stress, parenthood stress, or any other stressful situation, we can help you. We’ve been there and we understand how to help you find solutions to handle stressful life experiences with courage and competence. We understand that women have different sets of needs and desires, and we are focused on helping them find the tools and inner resources to overcome even the most seemingly insurmountable challenges.

We offer a complete range of different counseling services including teenage depression counseling, anxiety treatment, anger management, resiliency training, and many other mental health service solutions. We also offer group therapy, women’s leadership coaching, women’s career counseling, women’s relationship counseling, grief counseling, and self-identity development for women. Whether you need the services of a adult therapist, teen therapist, trauma-focused therapist, gender identity therapist, stress relief therapist, or general well-being therapist, we offer trusted services that can help you live a balanced and peaceful life.

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Common Issues for Women, Girls, and People of All Gender Identities

Whatever is gnawing at you,
we want to help you through it!

  • Anxiety/Stress
  • Depression/Sadness
  • Maternal Depression/Anxiety
  • Loss and Grief
  • Parenting Stress
  • Relationships or Family stress
  • Intimacy and Sex
  • Social Anxiety
  • Self-Image
  • Gender Identity and Exploration
  • Bullying
  • Procrastination
  • Perfectionism
  • School/Work-Life Balance

Hi, I am Mabel and I am the founder of WTI.


I started this practice with the goal of helping people who are experiencing anxiety and depression, relationship issues, and school and career concerns. Over time, I have recruited clinicians who are also very passionate about this cause and can understand what our clients are going through. We have personally experienced the impact of depression, anxiety, work stress, motherhood stress, and more. We have faced our fair share of up-and-downs, and have triumphed over many challenges. Our experiences propel us to find solutions for ourselves and for other individuals on similar journeys. At Women’s Therapy Institute, we understand that our society creates different expectations for women, girls, and people of all gender identities, and therefore we all handle anxiety, depression, relationships, and career stress a little differently.

We want to help you feel better so you can have the relationships, career, and the life you deserve.

Jenna DeCou

Jenna DeCou


[In-Person & Online Sessions]

Anxiety, depression, disordered eating, LGBTQ, sexual and gender identity/inclusitivity, relationships, self-harm, family therapy, identity formation, stress faced by teens in a world of social media.

Maura A. Young

Maura A. Young


[In-Person and Online Sessions]

Depression, anxiety, PTSD, contemplating motherhood, perinatal mood concerns, life transitions, menopause, women and the aging process, grief and loss, marriage and relationship issues, work-life balance, parenting, divorce and blended families, addiction, codependency, family dynamics, life satisfaction, and mindfulness.

Diana Trinh

Diana Trinh

ASW (Intern)

[In-Person Sessions Only]

Anxiety/Depression, Behavioral Therapy, Bi-cultural Issues, College Adjustment, Grief Counseling, Mindfulness-Psychotherapy, Mood Disorders, School Bullying/Peer-Conflict, Self-Identity Development

Priya Bhogaonkar

Priya Bhogaonker


[In-Person & Online Sessions]

Depression, anxiety, PTSD, trauma, substance use concerns, addictive behaviors, parenting, perfectionism, life transitions, self-compassion, parental or romantic relationship issues, work/life/home balance, grief/loss, being present with life.

Mabel Yiu

Mabel Yiu


[Not Available]

Depression, anxiety, PTSD, trauma, perfectionism, school performance pressure, life transitions, self-harming behaviors, self-compassion, parental or romantic relationship issues, work/life/home balance, grief/loss, work-life balance, and leadership coaching.

Erika Garcia

Erika Garcia Rangel


[In-Person & Online Sessions]

Depression, anxiety, PTSD, trauma, substance use concerns, addictive behaviors, eating disorder, perfectionism, school performance pressure, life transitions, self-harming behaviors, self-compassion, parental or romantic relationships issues, work/life/home balance, grief/loss, early-mid career.

How We’ve Helped…

My mommy is less stressed and happy now.

“My mommy is loving woman. She is more active and improved now. She used to yell and never laugh, now she makes projects and watches movies with me now. She is less stressed and happy.”

—M.M. (9yo daughter of a 38yo client)

You make me feel really comfortable.

“My father died 19 years and I did not want to talk about this with anyone. You make me feel really comfortable and thank you for helping me process his passing. I am now able to put his pictures up on my wall and watch some of the old videos of him. Our family can finally celebrate holidays again with new tradition, and this after 19 years of not celebrating!”


Mabel is warm, caring and very professional.

“I came in because I had some in-law issues to deal with. My in-laws are very difficult people and Mabel helped me cope with the stress and find ways to deal with their antics. Mabel is warm, caring and very professional. I highly recommend counseling with Mabel.”


I’m now able to be the parent I want to be.

“Thank you for working with me when I was having issues with my ex (husband) in co-parenting issues. I have learn a lot of in how to set healthy boundaries, maintain a parental relationship with him where my kids can benefit. I feel that I am now able to be the parent I want to be without being affect by him. I am happier and my kids are happier because of this.”


I never failed to leave with a new tool for coping...

“…After 7 months of regular sessions, I can say with certainty that my sessions were exactly what I needed in order to tackle my life long internal struggles with anxiety, depression, guilt, and lack of self care…I never failed to leave with a new tool for coping, as well as a new outlook on whatever issue I had entered the session with…”

My happy and caring daughter is finally back and for that I thank you.

“Before she visits with you, D was always moody and angry, doesn’t sleep very much and very stressed. There has been such a great change after D started seeing you. D is much happier and going out more. She is having a much better relationship with her own daughter. My happy and caring daughter is finally back and for that I thank you.”

We Can Help You, Too…

Here are some of the things we can help you with.

  • Feel at ease, relaxed, and able to sleep better.
  • Have increased concentration for school or work.
  • Have increased confidence and optimism.
  • Connect more fully with your children and/or parents.
  • Have more meaningful and deeper relationships.
  • Experience an increase in joy and laughter.
  • Develop more effective coping skills.
  • Know yourself on a deeper level.

You are not alone. This struggle is not your fault, and there’s something you can do about it. We can work together to help you feel better and enjoy life more fully.

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