Top 4 Signs of having a Toxic Friend

toxic friend

Life is not a bed of roses and we all deserve a loving friend to help us through it. Positive friendships aim at uplifting and empowering you, whereas toxic friendships will make you feel worthless. Blinded by their false charm or unnecessary forcefulness, we bend to their every command while receiving nothing in return.

8 in every 10 people may have to struggle with a toxic friend in their lifetime. Here is a list of strong warning signs suggesting that your friend may be toxic for you:

1.     A Toxic Friend Doesn’t Value You

A staple in all toxic relationships is the problem of one friend not valuing the other. A toxic friend may hold back the credit you deserve and act like you’re never there for them even when you are. They may also constantly put you down and belittle you, which is not something a true friend would do.

2.     Your Friend is an Energy Vampire

Do you feel your energy drains after spending time with a particular friend? Chances are they’re an energy vampire! If you feel exhausted, unloved and entirely energy drained after a conversation with them, you’re in real trouble. Energy vampires can make you feel heavy on even the brightest day. It’s best to steer yourself clear of such people, even if their true intent isn’t to drain you. For most energy vampires, this just happens!

3.     Blaming You for Everything

To err is human, but to blame one person every time something goes wrong is evil. While a good friend will help you fix any mistakes you may have made, a toxic friend will reinforce the fact that you were wrong and make you feel worse about yourself. Additionally, they may make you feel like everything is wrong because of you even when they’re the reason that may land you in a terrible situation!

4.     They May Try to Control You

As a person in your own right, you are entitled to an opinion and freedom to act as you please. However, a toxic friend has no regard for this right and will do their best to influence your thoughts and actions in line with a personal agenda. A friend who truly cares for you will only try to change your course of action if they see you running towards your doom. A toxic friend, on the other hand, will harass you until you act as they wish.

If your friend exhibits these signs, they could potentially be harmful to you. Leaving a toxic friendship is certainly a feat, but for the sake of your mental health, you must run for the exit before it’s too late!

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