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Differences Between Self-Care and Selfish?

As women, most of us have a hard time prioritizing ourselves. It’s almost ironic to think that while we want to make the world better for the people around us, we do nothing of the sort for ourselves. Motherhood and femininity are a continuous cycle of service to others with very little return. Sadly, this constant practice of bending over backward leaves many women starved of self-care.

The Difference Between Self-Care and Selfishness

Self care is about creating positive experiences and thoughts for yourself whereas selfishness comprises of sheer hatred and lack of compassion towards everyone but yourself. There is a distinct difference between the two, and it’s high time we stopped treating them as one.

Why Self-Care is Important?

True. Self care demands that you spend time cultivating yourself. It is important because you, as a human being, not only deserve it but also need it. Without self-care, you’ll be left overworked and uncared for, which could take a severe toll on your physical health, leaving you with fatigued muscled and severe headaches.

When you incorporate self-care into your routine, you begin prioritizing yourself and putting your needs at an equal level to those around you, like your children. Self-care gives you the energy you need to make a difference in your life and the life of those around you.

In other words, self-care is about sustainability. You need it for survival.

How Self Care Can Change the World

You must have heard the phrase “change starts from within,” but have you ever pondered upon its meaning? Caring for yourself is important; we’ve established that. But how will it change the world? Let’s discover:

  • Self care teaches others how to treat you. Those around you will see you as important and value your opinions because you see yourself as important and value yourself. So, make sure you be your best when trying to lead others to make a positive change.


  • If you want to change the world, start with yourself. Then, move on to your environment. When you indulge in self-care, you come out feeling rested and nourished. This nourishment is more than just skin deep; it encompasses your mind, body, and soul and recharges them all, leaving you with the energy you need to create a positive change!


Remember, self-care starts with you, so stop postponing it and start taking care of your needs. You need it just as much as anyone else! Therapy is an important step to self-care.

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