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Why Gender Equality Is Everyone’s Issue

Gender equality is not only a fundamental human right, but a necessary foundation for a prosperous, peaceful, and sustainable world. Patriarchy has reigned supreme for far too long, and is currently being pushed towards complete destruction. But there is still a long way to go.

The fruits of activism have begun to shine through with an increasing number of organizations adapting to practices that are inclusive of all gender identifications. Still, there is an excessive amount of workplaces and spaces that are biased towards one gender and are, sadly, not willing to acquaint themselves with gender equality.

Who is Affected by Gender Equality?

The serious lack of gender equality in all major life settings strikes a blow at women and men alike. Where women are expected to behave a certain way, men are, too. The expectations are vastly different for both, with age-old societal norms dictating behavioral patterns and demanding full obedience.

There are many solid reasons why equality is important for everyone regardless of anyone’s individual identity.

1) Gender Equality Supports Men

Firstly, the fight for gender equality supports men and women alike. In the case of paid leave, men can ask for paid paternal leave to accompany their partner’s maternal leave. Men deserve to spend time with their newborn child and owe it to their family to be there for them during such a crucial stage in life.

2) Diversity Leads to a Progressive Society

Secondly, when we start seeing men and women as partners who should come together to create something powerful, we open up a new world of opportunities. Our expectations shift from the traditional matriarch and patriarch thought the process to a more progressive one. Having a gender-neutral approach towards people will allow them the freedom to excel at things they were previously shunned for doing. Gender equality will allow us to see more men in the beauty and fashion sector and more women in the automobile and sports industry. A healthy and welcome change for everyone!

3) Safer Environment for Children

Thirdly, the fight for gender equality is everyone’s responsibility if they want to create a safer space for their children. The upcoming generation deserves to inherit a world where people respect one another regardless of what gender they identify as.

These are the primary reasons why gender equality is everyone’s issue. While the common mindset believes that the fight for equality is limited to women only, the truth is far from it.

In conclusion, standing up for gender equality is everyone’s duty, no matter what.

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