Perfect Responses For the Next Time Someone Asks About Relationship Status

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People are noisy nowadays and they love to poke their noses into your business. There are a few personal questions that should not be asked out so anyone might hear in a social event. Out of the many most irritating questions, someone can ask is about relationship status such as, “Why are you still single?” Not being in a relationship might not bother you as much as it bothers the world. It’s really frustrating when people judge you and tag you with the title of being “single”. You might experience some stinging and mocking comments from others for not being in a relationship. There is nothing you can do about the people who keep throwing questions at you that doesn’t concern them at all. But you can definitely prepare yourself for the perfect reply. There are some strategies you can adopt to tackle such situations. 

1.  “I am self-partnered”

Channel your inner Emma Watson! Harry Potter star Emma Watson has been bombarded by everyone about being 30 and single. She said, “I’m very happy [being single]. I call it being self-partnered.” Self-partnered means not feeling compelled to seek happiness by having another person. A self-partnered person can still date and have someone special while being emotionally self-reliant. Go ahead and put that new phrase in your loved ones’ dictionary.

2.   “We tried, it didn’t work out. It’s ok.”

Another way is to be quite honest with your answer if talking about your ex does not put you in a bad image only. If you are emotionally affected by your ex, I will recommend skipping this one. 

It’s alright! So what if your last relationship didn’t work out? These days it’s normal for people to go through a few relationships before finding the right one. However, don’t turn the conversation into a therapy session. Keep it short and sweet. 

3.   “I am actually fine on my own.”

When someone asks you directly “ Why are you single?”. All you need to do is raise your head high without being embarrassed and reply with confidence that you are perfectly fine on your own. It’s like #1 but there is nothing fancy about this one. 

4.   Looking for “The Compatible” Relationship

You can simply say, “I am looking for someone compatible.” Another fair and honest response would be telling that meeting someone special would be great but it’s not an easy task so you are just being patient for the right time and right one to come. 

5.   Listen, Ignore, and Move on!

Set your standards high and don’t start dating anyone just because you are tired of everyone commenting on your relationship status. Tell them that you would rather be happy and single than in an unhappy relationship, it is also a fair sentiment. If you feel like they are being condescended, or insulting, or maybe their constant asking annoys you, then it’s alright to ignore them because of its none of their business. Be optimistic and have confidence in yourself while answering every one. 

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