Fun Hacks for a Stress-Free Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving Day is one of the most important holidays of the year. If you’ve got a lot on your plate and are worried about how to host a dinner minus the stress, don’t worry. You’ve come to the right place. Here are some solutions to help you through the holiday:

1. Fake a Sick

We all know this. Thanksgiving is chaotic, and you’ve had enough. Stress-free strategy #1: Fake an illness, so you don’t have to host or go anywhere. You may send your spouse and kids out to eat and enjoy their friends and relatives’ houses this year and you just stay home for some much-needed me-time and silently reflect on how thankful you are about everything in your life, of course. 

2. Tell People To Bring Things

Ask people to bring things, and they go, “um…I don’t know, I am not a good cook…” blah blah. Instead of passively asking this, use your confidence and tell people what you need, but don’t be picky and demand things like organic Cloudberries from Iceland. That’s just too extra. Be short, simple, and specific. A gentle short text or call, “Hi, I need some help with the cran sauce for tomorrow. Please bring some for 12 people in a dish. Store-bought is ok. Thank you so much!”

3. Lower Everyone’s Expectations

Get some store-bought cookie dough, form it into a lump. An hour before guests arrive, put the lump in the oven and burn it. Make the burnt cookie dough your centerpiece. This should adjust your guests’ expectations for the rest of the night and there is nowhere to go but up…unless you burn the real turkey. Then people would really judge. Then again, if they are not paying your bills, their judgments don’t matter anyway.

4. Be Thankful on Thanksgiving day…

It’s easy to go insane when planning, but keep reminding yourself that you will always have frozen pizza as a backup. You are powerful and independent — You can stock up some frozen pizza in case you mess up the turkey, and everyone brought burnt food. You’ve got this! Don’t let yourself get carried away by focusing too much on unimportant details like getting everything perfect. 

By using these useful tips, you can float through Thanksgiving stress-free. Remember to be mindful and patient when preparing and focus on all the positivity around you. After all, Thanksgiving Day is a good day to observe and be thankful for all the grace and kindness around us. 

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