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Men with Depression and Anxiety

Why do men show depression and anxiety differently? Indeed, men and women are nothing alike. In terms of showing feelings of anxiety or depression, they react in many different ways. While a woman might cry or express nervousness or unrest, a man may react with anger, alcohol abuse, or even muscular aches and pains.

Men with Depression and Anxiety  are Difficult to Diagnose

This significant difference in reactions often makes it difficult to diagnose men. Many times they choose to not seek help while those around them don’t recognize the signs as well.

Often we think of men as jerks when they have a big emotional reaction to something that seems insignificant. But in reality, they could be reacting that way because they are nervous or anxious. Men who are depressed have more issues with controlling, violent or abusive behaviors and inappropriate anger, according to the Mayo Clinic. Men tend to turn to escapist behaviors, like spending more time at work or sporting events. They might avoid coming home or attending group events.

Many men also find it difficult to display emotions like sadness or to find a release like crying. Instead, they hold those feelings deep inside resulting in muscle aches or pains, headaches, and dizziness.

Unhealthy Coping

All that holding in makes it hard to process feelings for men which often leads them to turn to unhealthy coping mechanisms such as alcohol or drug abuse. Some also turns to risky behaviors like reckless driving. Rather than dealing with their mental illness or admitting they are struggling with some hard times, they drown their feelings turning themselves numb. It is no question that these behaviors are unhealthy and often contribute to relationship failures, job loss, and other personal problems.

Scientists don’t know the exact reasons why depression/anxiety symptoms show up differently in men than women. Hoever, it seems that it is due to many factors — brain chemistry, hormones, life experiences, and learned behaviors, to name a few.

Help is Available

Because men display symptoms differently than women, we must have conversations. Understanding how men may show symptoms of mental illness can help more men get the help they need. They can always see and talk to therapist who are experts on these issues. You can schedule an appointment here.

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