What is the meaning of empowerment?

Do you ever think about the true meaning of empowerment? What does it really mean to be empowered? The dictionary says it is the “authority or power given to someone to do something,” or “the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one’s life and claiming one’s rights.” 

Empowerment is simple

Empowerment is simple. It comes down to one thing, that is, choices. It is having the freedom to make choices in life, or it’s about having options. You can choose to go down this road or another. You can choose either to return to school or take the job. The decision is yours whether to marry your dream man or to wait until you find the right man. Your choice to follow others or stay true to yourself is still yours. The power to lift or to bring people down lies in your hands. Your choices are your own, and you are in charge. So, show some love for yourself. You don’t have to follow what others have “planned” for you. You can choose your own path, or go your own way. Don’t be afraid to listen to your heart. It’s your life, and you have the choice. 

You can learn to advocate for yourself, reach inside your soul, and find your inner strength. It is there, you just have to find it and let it show its face. Instead of putting others down, you can empower them by lifting them up. A put-down does no good. It damages people and accomplishes nothing.  Why not give people compliments, encourage them when they’re down, and point out the good instead of the bad so that they, too, can achieve their dreams?

It is like the quote — “You can stay in bed and keep dreaming your dreams, or you can get up and go after those dreams.” There is no better time than now to start being each other’s cheering squad, including your own. 

3 thoughts on “What is the meaning of empowerment?

  1. This is ABSOLUTELY!!!!! a wonderful article. I’ve stumbled on tons of definitions that don’t truly capture the connotative meaning. Your article did just that with one simple word. Choice.

    100% showing up for the choices you make. Not God. Not Parents. Not Siblings. Not Peers. Not Doctors. Not Guru’s. One must fully have an understanding of themself(1). Acquire what it is they wish to offer(1) before attempting to offer it(0)(nothingness) to anyone else. God included. If you don’t have choice. Then how can one offer pure choice and faith with the absence of what they truly have and therefore are displaying. Resistance to themself(0). Leaving you with nothing. Full circle.

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