Women’s Leadership Coaching

Developing strong leadership skills empowers women to embrace tough challenges with resilience and thrive in the workplace, discover their skills gaps and strengthen their ability to grow into each new opportunity with confidence. Learn More


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What makes you feel stressed?

What makes you feel stressed? Whatever is gnawing at you, I want to help you conquer it! Depression Anxiety / Worry Perfectionism Post-Partum Mental Health Concerns Work-Family Balance Relationship Conflict Job Burn Out Career Decisions / Acquisitions / Transitions Self-Esteem Anger AD/HD Jealousy Feeling Alone Marriage Issues Parenting Guilt / Shame Self-Doubt Self-Compassion

Group Therapy

Imagine a place where people understand you because they have gone through similar things themselves.  Imagine a place where the vibe of unconditional acceptance is so powerful that it’s healing. Welcome to the power of group therapy. Learn More

Teen Therapy

It’s tough being a teenager. The stress of getting good grades, falling in love, parents’ expectations, making friends, and peer pressure can be a lot to handle. Counseling helps you be true to who you are, make good decisions, stand up for yourself, and feel more relaxed. Learn More

Adult Therapy

Let’s face it— being a woman is stressful with family, work, relationships and a giant to-do list. You need tools to know yourself on a deeper level. Counseling gives you the coping skills, support and encouragement to embrace life with more passion and joy. Learn More


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