Tooth filling Manhattan Beach

Tooth filling Manhattan Beach

Dental decay is a serious problem, and if left untreated, it can become a threat to your dental health. You can use tooth fillings to solve this dental decay problem. A tooth filling is a dental restoration procedure that involves repairing the affected tooth. A tooth filling procedure can bring your teeth back to perfect health based on your situation.

Signs That You Need A Tooth Filling

You won’t notice any symptoms when dental decay is in its early stages. Consider contacting your dentist if you’re experiencing any of the following symptoms.


A toothache is a common and popular sign that you need a tooth filling. Another obvious sign that you need a tooth filling is if your teeth are sensitive to a certain pressure, temperatures, or foods. You might also need a tooth filling procedure if you’re experiencing sudden or throbbing pain when chewing or biting.

Visible signs 

There are a few visible signs that you need a tooth filling. These signs include:

  • A hole in your teeth
  • Dark spots on your teeth
  • A lost or broken filling
  • When your floss tears in a certain spot
  • Food always gets stuck between your teeth
  • A chipped, rough, or broken tooth

Fractured teeth

Fractured teeth can also be repaired or treated with tooth filling. This procedure slows down or even prevents further tooth damage and decay.

Tooth wears

Our teeth wear down as we get older. The biting edges darken and make your teeth look unattractive as the wear happens. Teeth grinding or bruxism can cause wear down and teeth damage. You can use a tooth-colored bonding to repair and restore the surfaces of your teeth. Once the teeth fillings are in place, this improves your ability to chew and bite. 

Tooth crazing

Sometimes craze-lines appear on teeth because of the stress placed on a tooth. A long lifetime of chewing or activities such as biting fingernails, TMJ, clenching, or grinding teeth can cause this problem. These unsightly cracks darken the teeth. Dentists use a tooth-colored filling to cover craze lines and repair and restore your teeth’ look.

Sensitivity or pain 

Sensitivity and pain are signs of dental problems. If the pain is centered on a certain tooth, you must contact your dentist. You may need a tooth filling or root canal if the tooth has become severely infected at the root.

Contact Manhattan Dental Care For Tooth Filling In Manhattan Beach

A dental problem is an unfortunate situation that must be dealt with immediately. Whether you are experiencing an acute sensitivity or dull pain, you should schedule a consultation with a Manhattan Beach dentist.

Here at Manhattan Dental Care, our experienced dentist can help you diagnose your dental problem and make helpful suggestions for treatment. If you or a loved one is experiencing any of the above dental issues, you can reach our Manhattan Beach dental office at 310-546-4675. We’ll discuss your options and help you find the dental health plan that works for you.

Tooth filling Manhattan Beach