Teen Therapist Mountain View

Teen Therapist Mountain View

Do you have a teen who does not want to talk to you? Or perhaps you noticed that your teen child has grown so cold and aloof towards you or life in general? Look no further for any other proof; your teen child needs to see a therapist who specializes in teens in Mountain View.

From school issues to peer pressure, to bullying, to falling in love, every teenage child faces one problem or the other. For some, it could be the shame or guilt for something they'd done in time past, while for others, it could be the pain of losing a sibling, loved ones, or something dearly.

Regardless of the situation or issues, you don't need to wait until your child is diagnosed with a mental disorder before taking them to a therapist for adolescent counseling in Mountain View, CA.

Who is a Teen Therapist?

A teen therapist is a professional counselor who has experience handling teenage issues, including low self-esteem, relationship problems, depression, anxiety, alcohol/drug use, self-lying, truancy, sexuality and identity discovery, sexual abuse, sexual conflicts among teenagers, etc.

A Mountain View teen therapist is who your teen child needs to see if you observe changes like mood swings, extreme quietness, sadness, among others.

Are you looking for the best therapist in Mountain View, CA? Worry no more! Women's Therapy Institute is your go-to place for the solution to your teen child issue.

Our teams of therapists are the best in their respective fields. The professionalism in the approach, expertise, and experience of our Mountain View child therapist is second to none.

We believe that no matter what you or your teen child is going through, we can help them in that journey and provide solutions that would help you solve these issues.


At Women's Therapy Institute, we pride ourselves on our ability to help and not judge your teen child. You can find below some of the benefits of our teen therapy session.

  1. Privacy

We understand the word “confidentiality,” and we know its importance in every teenager's life. Hence, we keep each of our discussions private, except they permit us to share it with their close family members.

  1. Comfortability

Be sure of the fact that we'll never make your teenage child feel judged regardless of the issue. Our focus is to help them in the best way possible without making them feel less of themselves.

  1. Maximum Support

We don't just provide your teen child with a listening hears. We also provide tools, resources, and support (emotionally & mentally) for your child to cope with problems.

  1. Professional Approach

We don't force or manipulate your child into telling us what they don't want. Instead, we help them see the light and make them understand that we are the help and hope they need.

  1. Results

Our therapists are so vast in knowledge regarding handling teenagers' issues. Your teen child would help see life from a better perspective to enhance a positive approach to life.

Do you need a Mountain View adolescent therapist? Contact Women's Therapy Institute to speak with a therapist: 650-272-0388.

Teen Therapist Mountain View

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Teen Therapist Mountain View

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