Postpartum Depression Palo Alto

Postpartum Depression Palo Alto

Having a baby can be a delightful journey from conception to delivery day. Decorating the nursery, buying baby necessities, planning a shower, etc., can build a new mother's anticipation. The time of birth is a crucial time that brings joy and happiness.

However, some women suffer postpartum depression weeks after childbirth. And Women's Therapy Institute understands the pains and joys of motherhood, which is why we are devoted to helping mothers with postpartum depression. Listed below are the answers to a few frequently asked questions about postpartum depression.

What Causes Postpartum depression?

Imagine the anticipation before the baby's birth, followed by the exhaustion of giving birth. And this is a substantial emotional wrangler that can turn to depression for some new mothers and, in some rare cases, new fathers too. The sleeping and feeding schedule of a newborn can be exhausting in the early months, and feeling exhausted every time can lead to stress and anxiety.

What are the symptoms of postpartum depression?

Some of the common symptoms of postpartum depression in women suffering from it are;

  • Fatigue: It's quite normal for new mothers to be tired but to feel bone wearied fatigue is not normal.
  • Sadness: When a new mother feels hopelessly sad, this is a sign that postpartum is setting in.
  • Droop in the mood: Due to the changes a woman's body underwent during childbirth, both hormonal and physically, it's normal for a woman to experience a slight mood drop for two or three weeks. This period of baby blues shouldn't exceed three weeks. This feeling should not be overwhelming and last long.
  • Overwhelming worry: While it is quite possible that a new mother may feel overwhelmed with anxiety, it's abnormal when she gets so consumed with it that she loses the joy of life. Having a child will forever change a woman's life, but it shouldn't change who she is, what she enjoys, what she cares about, and her esteem.
  • Depression: Postpartum depression is similar to depressive episodes, i.e., feeling worthless, loss of appetite, energy, feeling ashamed, guilty, hopeless, restlessness, suicidal thoughts, and so on.

What are the safest and immediate steps to take on noticing postpartum depression?

The first thing to do when you find out you've developed postpartum depression is to immediately consult a postpartum depression specialist. Some doctors may suggest antidepressants, while some may not. Some doctors may consider breastfeeding safe, and some may not. Seeing a specialist will help determine the best medication option after weighing their pros and cons based on your condition's severity.

While consulting a specialist remains the best and safest option, self-medication can also go a long way. Rest well, eat well, exercise a little, and set realistic expectations. Don't stress yourself too much; don't allow sadness to jeopardize your health.

Find coping skills to helps deal with your fears and feelings. Another supreme opinion is that do not isolate yourself. Have your friends visit you. Be attentive to your hobbies. Accept help with your baby when offered, don't be too snap. Taking proper care of yourself will see you be the best mum you can ever hope to be and get you back to normal.

What are the options for postpartum depression?

One preeminent fact is that postpartum depression is treatable if you seek treatment immediately. Get screened for postpartum depression right away so that treatment can begin. If you prefer to go for counseling, consider Women's Therapy Institute to be your beacon to a happier self. 

Where do I visit for postpartum depression treatment in Palo Alto?

Our center for postpartum depression in Palo Alto has the resources and expertise to revive new mothers currently experiencing postpartum depression. We have in place effective and efficient postpartum depression treatment programs and specialists for positive outcomes. Contact Women's Therapy Institute to speak with a therapist: 650-272-0388.

Postpartum Depression Palo Alto

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