How To Get A Divorce In Ontario

How To Get A Divorce In Ontario

Positive Solutions helps couples at the brink of their marriage from the overwhelming details of their separation with superior mediation services. We assist couples searching for answers on how to get a divorce in Ontario, reduce their stress, save their money, and help them resolve matters out of court.

How our mediation services can help you?

We offer mediation services and help separating couples agree on various family issues. Our highly experienced team of mediation coordinators possess backgrounds as social workers, lawyers, and psychologists, which allows them to resolve disputes between parties on matters such as support payments, division of property, child custody, access to the children, and equalization of property.

As the #1 mediators for divorce and separation, we help our clients agree to a separation agreement outside of court and help them save hundreds of dollars that they would otherwise spend on legal processes. All the discussions between members during mediation are 100% confidential. We ensure a safe and seamless separation for couples through our unbeaten mediation services.

How do I apply for a divorce by myself outside of court?

There are three ways to settle a divorce outside of court: mediation, arbitration, and collaborative family law. Mediation relies on the involvement of a neutral third party who will help you and your spouse reach an agreement on issues like support payments, the division of property, child custody, etc. Unlike judges or arbitrators, mediators do not impose settlements.

Your second option is arbitration, where a neutral third party called an arbitrator makes a decision, and you and your partner must abide by it. The last option involves collaborative lawyers negotiating with the spouses and help them agree on various issues.

Matters settled during a mediation discussion

The divorce process in Ontario can be excruciatingly painful, especially when there are several unresolved disputes between spouses, which is why our services are so necessary. Some of the matters settled during our mediation services include:

  • Custody and access – While trying to find answers for how I can get a divorce in Ontario, you may often forget to decide on your children’s care. We help couples decide on aspects like where the children will live, who will decide on their future, etc.
  • Child support – Separating couples are often antsy to find out ‘how much does it cost to get a divorce in Ontario’ without considering child support. We help couples by calculating the amount of child support that each parent must pay after taking into account their incomes and the number of children they have to support.
  • Spousal support – Calculating alimony can be a tough subject to handle in almost every separation. We calculate spousal support and make couples agree on an alimony amount that seems fair and reasonable to both partners.

Your online search on how to get a divorce in Ontario ends here. Positive Solutions can help you with matters involving parenting plans, spousal support and child support calculations, separation agreements, and property division. Call us at (888) 779 – 8777 to schedule a free 30-minute meeting with one of our mediation coordinators.

How To Get A Divorce In Ontario

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How To Get A Divorce In Ontario

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