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Women's Therapy Institute is a center for therapy and coaching in Palo Alto that offers quality in-person and online counseling. We are focused on taking good care of your mental health. We aim at helping you feel joyful again despite your past experiences. No matter what you feel, whether anxious, depressed, miserable, gloomy or misunderstood, with us at Women's Therapy Institute, you're not alone.

We've all been there, and our greatest wish is to help you overcome your storms. We believe that with quality, studious and careful therapy sessions, we can together overcome worries, sadness, and toxic associations that suck the joy of life out of you. We can then help you move on and regain your vibrancy, confidence, and zeal for life.

Who we are

Women's Therapy Institute provides full-service mental health counseling to local women who need a therapist in Palo Alto, CA, and nearby cities. It was founded to help women and girls cope with anxiety, depression, stress, relationship problems, etc. The institute has become a team of professionals dedicated to helping women and young girls overcome their traumas and help them live their best full lives.

Our process

Not matter what you're going through, be it depression, work stress, anxiety, Parenthood stress, relationship concerns, or any other situation, we can help. We have all the tools needed to help you manage stressful life experiences, using a healthy dose of courage and competence. Humans naturally are made emotional, and we possess diverse needs and desires, which is why we are prone to stress when there is an imbalance in our world order.

As therapists, we focus on helping every woman find inner resources to overcome all insurmountable difficulties they may ever encounter. We offer 20-Min consultation through our online scheduler, and it is free. We also harbor proficient video therapists in Palo Alto for video therapy to counter all your issues. Our video therapy can blend with your schedule anytime, anywhere.

Our services

At the Women's Therapy Institute, we offer various counseling services, e.g., anxiety treatment, anger management, teenage depression counseling, etc. We also have group therapy to counter day-to-day expectations like women's leadership coaching, relationship counseling, career counseling, self-identify, and grief counseling. We have teen therapists, adult therapists, trauma-focused therapists, gender identity therapists, stress relief therapists, and general well-being therapist.

Whatever your needs are, we offer trustworthy confidential Palo Alto therapy services and more that will help you live a peaceful, balanced life. All you've really got to do is indicate your needs. Common issues that we help with are;

  • Parenting or Family stress
  • Loss and Grief
  • Maternal depression
  • Intimacy and sex
  • Depression, sadness, and social anxiety
  • Self-image, Gender identity, and exploration
  • Bullying, School, Work/Life balance
  • Procrastination and Perfectionism

We also help you;

  • Relax and sleep better
  • Build your confidence and optimism
  • Increase concentration and focus more on school or work.
  • Connect with your children and parents on a deeper level
  • Exhibit an increased zeal for life
  • Realize your self-worth and build self-identity
  • Have meaningful relationships

Women's Therapy Institute is the best place to be as a woman when stressed out with work, family, relationships, and a whole lot more. We help you develop yourself, including building up your coping skills and support system, and life vibrancy will be yours.

As a teenager, it is challenging to handle grown-up issues while remaining faithful to teenagers' nature. You have pressures of grades, love, parents, friends, and peers to handle. We can help you stay true to yourself and make decisions that will make your future.

At Women's Therapy Institute, we remain true to you and your life's expectations. Instead of worrying over these challenges, why don't you speak with us? We are here to build and hold you up when it seems you can't go on anymore. Contact Women's Therapy Institute to speak with a therapist: 650-272-0388.

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