Career Counseling

Find real passion in your career while successfully balancing work, life and family.

Ask yourself…

  • Do you find your priority or passion has changed after having a baby?
  • Are you ready to head back to work after being a stay-at-home mom, but do not know what you want to do?
  • Are you married to a career that you no longer love and itching to find something else?
  • Are you in a job that you enjoy but having trouble with work-life balance?
  • Is it hard for you to be more assertive or make decisions at work?
  • If the stress at your job carrying over into your personal life?
  • Are you dealing with corporate acquisitions, transitions, and changes in direction?

I can address these concerns and more

I have gone through my own in career change, going from corporate to counseling and single to a working mom with twins, so I understand where you are and have been there myself. I totally get it!

It’s no secret that it’s not easy to balance work and family. Add to that the self-imposed pressure to find real passion for your career and feel good about everything you accomplish. Career counseling services can help.

Stress at (and about) work can be a major cause of anxiety and depression

When you are suffering from anxiety or depression, it can become an attached like a leech to every aspect of your life. Certainly your career is no exception.

Truth is that everything about the work environment can make it a breeding ground for anxiety, including:

  • Self doubt about your job performance
  • Making tough decisions
  • Competing for recognition
  • Crushing the competition
  • Dealing with difficult co-workers and bosses
  • Getting subordinates to get their jobs done right every time
  • Working effectively as part of a team
  • Mental and physical exhaustion from working long, hard hours
  • Finding passion about what you’re doing
  • Having career goal that match your life and purpose
  • Or just managing all your day-to-day office stress

How career counseling can help…

Career Counseling helps you face your own self-doubts, develop a new-found sense of worth, make better decisions, and improve your own job performance. It can also provides you with tools to cope with stressful situations that arise and helps you identify and work towards the career goals that are most important to you.

Effective career counseling is NOT coaching! It’s not limited to assessment testing and finding a job. It’s so much more!

Career counseling should deliver a breakthrough…a paradigm shift that allows you to make a positive difference, to see what you’re capable of, and provide tools and strategies to get there and stay there.

I want you to be a participant, not a recipient

You and I are part of the same team seeking to uncover the deepest, most important dimensions of your career, including:

  • Standards for how you want to live and work
  • Intentions and goals for where you want to go
  • Why you’re unique, talented, and creative
  • What your purpose is

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