About Therapist Jenna

Jenna DeCou

As a therapist, I love working to create positive outcomes for my clients. Together, we can uncover and build-up your strengths in a way that allows you to move through challenges and difficulties with skill and confidence.

Jenna DeCou, LMFT

Who is Therapist Jenna?

I am therapist Jenna DeCou, LMFT. I am dedicated to joining you on your journey to creating your best life—mind, body, and soul. A life that feels empowering, exciting, and aligned with all that you value. Together, we can uncover and build up your strengths in a way that allows you to move through challenges and difficulties with skill and confidence.

I have had a wide variety of experiences in my career. I am a therapist, clinical supervisor, and fitness instructor who enjoys spending my time building relationships and connections with others. This path has always given me a sense of fulfillment that I’ve been unable to find in any other way. I love working to create positive outcomes for individuals, families, and groups across many settings. Some areas in which I specialize include anxiety, depression, relational struggles, body image and eating disorder challenges, suicidality, identity formation, mindfulness and self-care, and much more. As someone who has actively engaged in, and is always working on, my own self-discovery, and ways in which to live my life to the fullest, I truly believe we hold the answers to our own happiness.

Let’s help you reach your goals…

It is my mission as a therapist to provide a supportive, safe, and empowering environment in which to help you uncover your own fortitude, resilience, and zest for life.

Please excuse the quality of this video as we made this via Zoom during the pandemic.


English and Spanish

Very warm, direct, calm, humorous, full of energy. Grew up bi-cultural, American and Mexican. Been through rebellious phase, ups and downs of adolescence. Really great with teens and young adult, but not limited to that population.

Anxiety, depression, disordered eating, LGBTQ, sexual and gender identity/inclusitivity, relationships, suicidality, stress faced by teens in a world of social media.


Adults struggling with identity formation; phase of life issues; anxiety; depression; stress management; body image/eating disorders; development of natural support networks; self-care; parenting struggles such as children’s behavioral management techniques; relationship issues; self-esteem and empowerment.

Teens struggling with identity formation; peer relationships; stress related to school/parents/transitioning to adulthood, anxiety, depression, body image/eating disorders, social media, gender and/or sexuality identity struggles; self-esteem and empowerment; bullying

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