Warning Signs Of Alcoholism

Warning Signs Of Alcoholism

If you have a fixation with alcohol or find it hard to control drinking despite its negative consequences, you need rehab treatment to break free from alcoholism. It is pivotal that you address these warning signs of alcoholism with medical detox followed by professional addiction treatment for comprehensive recovery from alcohol abuse. United Recovery Project is a top-rated luxury rehab with excellent detox, inpatient, IOP, PHP, and outpatient programs.

Signs that a person has a problem with alcohol dependency

Identifying alcohol addiction can be tricky. Here are a few signs that warn of the presence of a drinking problem:

  1. You want to quit drinking, but you are unable to do so

You end up doing things while intoxicated that you regret later. You wish you could cut down on the amount of alcohol you consume but find yourself drinking anyway.

  1. You’ve developed a tolerance to alcohol.

Your body urges you to consume alcohol in large quantities to experience the same buzz. Taking a longer time to feel drunk is one of the clear signs of alcohol use disorder.

  1. You find yourself in dangerous or risky situations.

Excessive alcohol consumption lands you in dangerous situations, harming you and those around you.

Besides, if you see yourself having a different personality when drinking, it is a sign of both alcoholism and the presence of an underlying emotional or psychological issue. Do not wait for your alcoholism symptoms and warning signs to worsen to seek treatment. Get help in the early stages of your addiction for a safe and speedy recovery.

Should I attend rehab for alcohol addiction?

No matter how determined you are to manage your alcohol addiction on your own, it is pivotal you seek professional help soon after you start experiencing the physical signs of alcoholism. Alcohol slows down the brain and leads to several long-term health risks. Individuals who do not seek help for alcohol addiction suffer from conditions like liver cirrhosis, cancer, unintentional injuries, heart disease, and stomach ulcers.

The longer you ignore the problem, the higher the risk for conditions like pancreatitis, brain and nerve damage, anxiety, depression, etc. We help our clients overcome alcohol symptoms and treatment with a dedicated team of therapists, physicians, and RNs. Our integrated treatment approach and customized recovery plans prepare our clients for lasting success with sobriety.

What is alcohol withdrawal?

Alcohol withdrawal refers to a broad range of symptoms that alcohol users experience when they quit drinking cold turkey. The withdrawal symptoms can be mild or life-threatening based on the severity of alcohol abuse.

Medical detox is pivotal to eliminate the toxins caused by long-term alcohol consumption and to reduce and alleviate the withdrawal symptoms. As a potent and disruptive Central Nervous System Depressant, alcohol can impair specific functions in the brain and disrupt the connections between neurons. Medical detox helps correct the chemical imbalances in the brain and enables recovering addicts to function normally without relying on alcohol.

Now that you know the signs of alcohol abuse, call us at 954-429-5026 if you need help beating your addiction. Join a rehab as soon as you spot the warning signs of alcoholism for a safe and speedy recovery. United Recovery Project has helped hundreds of alcohol abusers heal from behavioral disorders and lead a gratifying and sober life. We can do the same for you. 

Warning Signs Of Alcoholism

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Warning Signs Of Alcoholism

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