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Attempting to get sober at home without going to rehab treatment compares well to putting a Band-Aid on a bullet wound. Even those who’ve completed inpatient rehab still face a high risk of falling back into old patterns driven by addiction.

Detoxing is the first leg of the longest journey you’ll ever travel after choosing sobriety over addiction. While a single step can feel like a mile, you cannot quit until the mission is complete.

It isn’t logical to cleanse your body of illicit substances without a new plan to nourish your physical and emotional spirit. Sober houses and transitional living programs provide sustenance until you gain control of the reins.

When visualizing a sober house in Austin, people conjure images of rundown apartments and homes that aren’t kempt or furnished. Indeed, a few homes for sober living in Austin lack essential amenities, style, and class. Luckily, Hickory Wind Ranch offers preeminent transitional housing in Austin, TX, for men and women.

Premium Pet-Friendly Sober Living Near Austin, TX

You may assume you will feel more comfortable living in your apartment or house than in a sober living community. It may be right to make such assumptions somehow, even though you have no previous experience for a fair comparison. However, some thought you might realize that people can make impulsive decisions when left to their own devices.

At Hickory Wind Ranch, we don’t entirely disregard home addiction treatments or therapies. Nevertheless, our experienced staff of addiction specialists strongly encourage transitional living communities.

Hickory Wind Ranch and its staff believe that dogs help with recovery during emotional times of stress. Our entire team works endlessly to guarantee a clean, safe, and sanitized environment that welcomes pets and their owners. With your loving pet standing faithfully by you during your journey to sobriety, you may find yourself feeling more at home at Hickory Wind Ranch than you initially assumed!

More Comfortable and Affordable Than Recovering at Home

Paying utilities, rent, and other bills dump significant stress on the shoulders of newly sober adults. The daily routine you once mastered may turn out to be challenging to return to without assistance in reducing the financial burden.

Hickory Wind Ranch combines the total costs of sessions, mentorship meetings, and rental fees as a packaged deal. Residents have access to monthly maid services, gym memberships, and a plethora of other amenities without paying extra fees.

You can’t deny the appeal of recovering at home in a space you feel safe. On the other hand, you can’t ignore the mountain of possible benefits offered by transitional housing options in Austin, Texas. Committing to a recovery community may initially feel too far out of your comfort zone, but you’ll never experience the opportunity without taking a chance.

Readily Available Addiction Specialists Catering to You

Please contact Hickory Wind Ranch to speak with an addiction specialist to get help for you or a loved one before it is too late. Call 512-598-5165 to ask questions or share your story with certified addiction experts right away! Our friendly staff will spread out your options and describe the luxury amenities offered at our supportive and sophisticated sober living community.

Transitional Housing Austin Tx

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Transitional Housing Austin Tx

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