Therapist Manhattan Beach

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Therapist Manhattan Beach

Yellow Chair Collective is a highly sought-after clinic for psychotherapy services with the best therapists in the business. Our therapist in Manhattan Beach, Jasmine Jung, is a leading mental health expert specializing in anxiety and depression treatment.

How to choose a therapist that matches your need?

Choosing a therapist can be an intimidating and time-consuming task. Here’s how to find the right Manhattan Beach CA therapist for you:

  1. Choose an expert with more advanced education, training, and credentials.
  2. You want to look for professionals who are licensed in mental health services.
  3. Choose one of the Manhattan Beach therapists specializing in treating your specific mental illness or behavioral disorder.

Make sure to find a treatment professional who accepts your insurance. Besides, schedule a consultation with the therapist with several positive reviews and ratings on Google, Yelp, Facebook, and other online platforms.

Do I need therapy?

It is never easy to inform someone they need therapy or hear someone suggesting you seek professional help. However, you must consider therapy in the following cases:

  1. You find yourself thinking about or coping with an issue that takes up several hours of your day
  2. You are dealing with an issue that causes a great deal of embarrassment or makes you want to isolate yourself from others
  3. An issue has reduced your quality of life significantly
  4. The issue is negatively affecting your performance at school or work or interfering with your relationships
  5. You find yourself resorting to drugs or alcohol to cope with the problem

If you experience any of these emotions, therapy may help you overcome your insecurities and mental health challenges. You must seek help fast if you feel like your negative thoughts or emotions control your behavior and impact your quality of life negatively.

Benefits of attending therapy

Therapy can be a rewarding experience if you are willing to do the work. It offers a safe and judgment-free space for you to share anything with one of our trained counselors near Manhattan Beach, CA. Some of the core benefits of therapy include:

  1. It helps you learn more about yourself

Our best psychologists in Manhattan Beach, CA, listen to your story, offer guidance, and make recommendations to help you recover and heal. A therapist doesn’t necessarily tell you what to do but empowers you to take action on your own.

  1. Therapy help achieve your goals

You may often feel lost and lack a purpose or goal in life. Therapy can clarify your goals and set a realistic path in life for you to accomplish them.

  1. Therapy can help you develop and maintain fulfilling relationships

Our therapists in Manhattan Beach, California, can help you overcome your insecurities and trust issues and help you maintain happier and healthier relationships.

Get in touch with us at 310-561-1008 to schedule an appointment with our therapist in Manhattan Beach. Yellow Chair Collective is a preeminent clinic with highly experienced and trained therapists. We treat anxiety, trauma, PTSD, postpartum depression, and several other mental health issues using psychotherapies.

Therapist Manhattan Beach

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Therapist Manhattan Beach

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