Residential Substance Abuse Treatment

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Residential Substance Abuse Treatment

Attending a rehab facility equips you with the tools you need to recover from drug or alcohol addiction. While deciding to seek professional help is a great first step, it can be accompanied by anxiety and stress. These emotions can be overwhelming and cause you to delay your admission to a rehab facility. You can overcome the uncertainty of attending rehab by preparing yourself for treatment.

At Royal Life Centers at Chapter 5, we offer top-of-the-line residential substance abuse treatment. We work closely with our guests so that their stay at our facility is comfortable and enriching to support their sobriety journey.

How to Prepare for Residential Substance Abuse Treatment

There are several ways you can get ready for your stay at rehab, including:

  1. Research Facilities

Rehab facilities are not created equal. So, think about the kind of recovery environment you prefer, then research facilities that meet your needs. Also, get in touch with your short-listed rehab centers and ask about their experience, staff, and treatment programs.

Remember to inquire about what a typical day at rehab is like. This will give you a picture of how rehabilitation will be like and alleviate some of your worries.

  1. Take Care of Your Body

Drugs and alcohol damage the body in many ways, including weakening your immune, respiratory, and circulatory systems. This affects your body’s ability to recover from illnesses. It also makes detoxification from drugs or alcohol difficult.

Prior to your admission to an inpatient residential facility, take good care of your body by eating healthy foods, sleeping well, and exercising. This will boost your strength, mood, and immunity ahead of treatment. As a result, both detox and rehab will be less harsh on you.

  1. You Don’t Have to Abandon Your Work and Family Obligations

Worrying about work or your family while at rehab can deter your recovery efforts. It can also keep you from attending treatment as you’re unsure of how to put everything on hold.

For work, you may qualify for a 12-week medical leave, so you should let your employer know that you’re seeking treatment and need a break. This will protect your job while you rehabilitate. If you have family members who’re dependent on you, arrange for a close relative or friend to care of them while you’re away. With these obligations sorted, you can leave for rehab with peace of mind, enabling you to fully focus on your recovery.

  1. Mentally Prepare Yourself

Developing an open-minded mentality about rehab is crucial. It will help ease your anxiety and allow you to benefit from the help you’ll receive at the treatment facility. Be prepared to be honest with your care providers, as the information you give determines the kind of treatment plan they’ll create for you.

  1. Put Your Finances in Order

Set up automatic payments for your bills while you’re away. This will keep you from receiving reminders that may distract or stress you out while in rehab. Further, you’ll avoid going back home to overdue bills, which can increase your stress levels.

Start a New, Substance-Free Life

Attending rehab as a well-prepared guest increases your chances of a successful recovery. At Royal Life Centers at Chapter 5, we are ready to answer any questions you have concerning our premier residential substance abuse treatment. Contact Royal Life Centers now for more information: (877) 732-6837.