Rehab Tennessee

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Rehab Tennessee

Drug and alcohol addiction is a very dangerous and deadly phenomenon that can lead to various issues. To treat, detox, and make such people fit back into society, rehab is necessary.

What is Rehab?

Rehab is the procedure of assisting a person to enjoy a normal life again after such an individual has been traumatized, he or she has battled alcohol, substance abuse, or drug problems. Rehab is also used to describe a rehabilitation center where these procedures take place.

5 Signs that you or your loved ones need Rehab.

The decision to take the steps of registering or participating in a rehab program is not an easy one. Most people who abuse drugs, substances, or alcohol are surrounded by people who are in the same boat or people who downplay the severity of the condition. 

Here are some revelatory signals that drug use has gotten out of control and you need help:

Alcohol and Drug use has become your main prerogative

Most people in the agony of addiction still see themselves as being in charge of the situation and therefore wonder what the agitation of their loved ones is all about. Sit back and take a look what exactly is your main priority or prerogative? 

Do you spend most of your time longing after, obtaining, and using drugs? Are you sacrificing your former interests, social, school, family, or work responsibilities to drug use? Then it is time to seek help.

You have met more than 3 yardsticks for Substance Use Disorder on the DSM 5.

In rehab in Tennessee and all over America, when the doctor assesses a person for diagnosis, the DSM 5 manual is used to get an accurate diagnosis.  If you meet less than 3 of the 11 signs of addiction you need to see your primary care physician. 

Between 3 and 5 points to mild addiction, while six upwards calls for serious concern and intervention as it points to severe addiction. 

The yardsticks are:

  • Giving up hobbies
  • Health issues
  • Insatiable cravings
  • Neglecting responsibilities
  • Increased tolerance
  • Social and interpersonal problems
  • Repeated failed attempt to stop
  • Dedicated usage
  • Endangering yourself and others
  • Using more as time passes
  • Withdrawal symptoms

You have Health Problems Regularly

Substance abuse is very detrimental to the mind and body. The effects range from affecting mental health such as depression, agitation, psychosis, and anxiety. 

It also affects physical health like lung problem, liver problems, and even cancer.

Other day-to-day issues like weight loss, insomnia, digestive problems, sweating, memory problems, shaking are symptoms that you need rehab. 

Family and Friends are very concerned and advise that you need help

If your family and friends are conveying their worries about your substance abuse, or talking about you giving the treatment center a trial, though it may seem shameful and bring on a feeling of guilt, it is an indication that you need rehab. This is because only serious concerns will make people who love you suggest rehab.

You Have Tried and Failed to Quit on Your Own

You may have made several attempts to stop addiction on your own and failed. This is because addiction is a dreadful condition that is not easy to get out of alone. After all, there will be times of relapse as the lure of alcohol and drug can be enticing. Our rehab center in Tennessee will offer support and regulated treatment administration which is what a victim of addiction needs the most.

Get Help for Yourself and Your  Loved Ones

It is time to be proactive. Take the decision now! Don’t wait till you get to the all-time low before you seek help. 

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Rehab Tennessee

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