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How Do You Coparent When You Don’t Get Along?

Divorced parents, who don’t get along, are always asking me how they are supposed to coparent when they are always fighting? The truth is, they can’t. If you can’t get along and are always being harsh or disgruntled with each other, you can’t successfully co-parent.  You have to make a choice. One parent can take […]

Ask Mabel: I feel bad about the thoughts I have regarding my children because of my postpartum psychosis

Dear Mabel, I have decided that I need to see a therapist about my postpartum psychosis. I have been having bad thoughts about my babies. I would never hurt them but it makes me feel like a horrible mom for having these thoughts. I know therapy is a step in the right direction but is […]

Emotional Support Animals

We get questions about emotional support animals all the time. We love animals (and people). We believe pets can provide excellent support, comfort, and companionship for those of us facing depression, anxiety, other mental health concerns, distress, trauma, disability, newly divorced/separated, or major life adjustments. In a perfect world, we want every human to have an […]

How is ‘hustle’ culture impacting your mental health?

The phone is always with us. It is not uncommon for people to work into the wee hours of the night or long into the weekend. We never “turn off.” We are always on the move, always looking for the next big thing, always hustling along. It is the way many of us live. We […]

Ashley Mrozek, LMFT

[In-Person Sessions Only] Specialty: Depression, anxiety, PTSD, trauma, substance use concerns, addictive behaviors, eating disorder, perfectionism, school performance pressure, life transitions, self-harming behaviors, self-compassion, parental or romantic relationships issues, work/life/home balance, grief/loss. Learn More

About Ashley

Through our deep and genuine relationship, my clients are able to develop the courage and the skills to make pivotal change that enhance the quality of their lives. Let’s help you reach your goals… My mentor once told me, “No matter how good the therapist is, the healing process can’t happen unless there is a good therapeutic relationship between the client and […]

Diana Trinh, ASW

[In-Person Sessions Only] Specialty: Anxiety/Depression, Behavioral Therapy, Bi-cultural Issues, College Adjustment, Grief Counseling, Mindfulness-Psychotherapy, Mood Disorders, School Bullying/Peer-Conflict, Self-Identity Development Learn More

About Diana

I love working to create positive outcomes for my clients. Together, we can uncover and build-up your strengths in a way that allows you to move through challenges and difficulties with skill and confidence. Let’s help you reach your goals… I am currently an Associate Clinical Social Worker, supervised by the Founder of Women’s Therapy Institute, […]

Maura A. Young, LCSW

[In-Person and Online Sessions] Specialty: Depression, anxiety, PTSD, contemplating motherhood, perinatal mood concerns, life transitions, menopause, women and the aging process, grief and loss, marriage and relationship issues, work-life balance, parenting, divorce and blended families, addiction, codependency, family dynamics, life satisfaction, and mindfulness. Learn More

About Maura

I know it takes courage to reach out to a therapist- it would be an honor to assist you on your wellness journey. Let’s help you reach your goals… I bring a lifelong curiosity and personal commitment to my work. I have been blessed to be an LCSW for over 20 years. My work draws […]