Mental health facilities in southern California

Mental health facilities in southern California

Most mental health facilities in Southern California have some type of outpatient program that is convenient and flexible, however, not everyone is able to take time off of work or travel to a mental health center to get help during Covid. If you’re concerned about social distancing and are looking for support at home, you’ll find BeWellLine is an excellent alternative to in-person emotional support. Our crisis line is FEMA-funded, so it’s free for all California residents who need help for issues related to mental health during COVID 19.

Q: Do you offer support for mental health online?

A: At BeWellLine, we offer three ways to get in touch with us for mental health support:

  1. Over the phone
  2. Online chat
  3. Web conference

Q: Does BeWellLine charge my insurance for mental health support?

A: There are no costs whatsoever for our COVID trauma services. BeWellLine has partnered with the state of California to create a crisis line that is fully funded by FEMA and is able to provide non-clinical crisis support throughout the Covid pandemic.

Q: What is Covid support?

A: You may be surprised to learn that nearly half a million Americans have prematurely ended their lives in the past year due to depression and anxiety related to Covid. Rates of drug abuse and overdose have increased dramatically, as well. Covid support is therapy and counseling that gives California residents peace of mind that someone is listening- and cares. We can offer additional resources for callers dealing with homelessness, as well.

Q: How does phone support differ form that provided by mental health facilities in Southern California?

A: At BeWellLine, we are here for you 24/7. Reach out to us by phone, text, mobile device, or laptop and you’ll immediately be in touch with a caring agent who will listen to what’s going on in your life. You don’t have to walk through Covid alone- and you won’t need to drive to a local mental health center when you need to connect with someone about your struggles.

Q: How do I know if I need emotional support from BeWellLine?

A: Everyone living in California has been touched by Covid in one way or another. Our helpline is not just for CA residents who have contracted the virus; in fact, many of our callers simply feel isolated from friends and family due to state-wide mandates. With help from our agents, you can get through this, emotionally and mentally sound.

Q: How often can I call BeWellLine?

A: CA residents are eligible for up to six counseling sessions- you’re free to arrange your therapy via telephone, Web conferences, or online chat. We recommend trying our service the next time you’re feeling stressed out or anxious, depressed, or alone, then saving your remaining five sessions for times when you truly need the support and comfort we provide.

Trust BeWellLine for free mental health services in the comfort of your own home. We’re here to offer our support throughout Covid.