Masturbation Addiction Treatment Center

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Masturbation Addiction Treatment Center

Boulder Recovery is a preeminent masturbation addiction treatment center with state-of-the-art accommodations, highly effective faith-based programs, and experienced Christian mentors. We use a combination of Christian therapy, counseling, and support group meetings to help individuals overcome masturbation addiction.

What is masturbation addiction?

Masturbation addiction refers to engaging in masturbation excessively or compulsively. Some call it a compulsion, while some categorize it as an addiction.

While there is no clinical diagnosis for masturbation addiction, leaving it untreated can lead to compulsive sexual behavior, hypersexuality disorder, or out-of-control sexual behavior (OCSB). We are a dedicated treatment center for pornography and Christians. With the best team of therapists, Christian mentors, and counselors, we offer a 14-day intensive healing program to help men combat their addiction to pornography. 

Negative impacts of masturbation 

While masturbating on rare occasions may yield some benefits, this may not be the case for everyone. Individuals belonging to specific communities or religious groups may feel guilty or morally shameful for engaging in masturbation. Individuals engaging in excessive masturbation usually suffer from reduced self-esteem and experience lower sexual satisfaction during and after intercourse.

Not to mention, excessive masturbation can lead to skin irritation, swelling of the genitals, cramps, etc. Those with a history of abuse or sexual dysfunction problems may find it stressful to engage in masturbation. Excessive masturbation falls under the category of compulsive sexual behavior (CSB), requiring you to visit a licensed therapist to prevent long-term repercussions in your personal life and relationships.

Treatment for masturbation addiction

If you suffer from masturbation addiction, seeking professional help from a doctor, counselor, or sex therapist can help you overcome this behavioral disorder. Our porn addiction treatment in Boulder includes the following stages:

  1. Therapy

Our Christian mentors and therapists identify the underlying cause of your masturbation addiction and develop customized strategies to reduce the behavior. Masturbation addiction often arises from an underlying mental health disorder like trauma, anxiety, stress, depression, etc. Even though the problem at the surface seems simple and easy to treat, it can take weeks or months for you to overcome the underlying mental health problems. We offer help for porn-addicted Christians with a 14-day intensive treatment program.

  1. Medication

There are no medications for masturbation addiction. However, if your therapist identifies any underlying mental health issues that trigger the behavior, you may qualify for receiving prescription for them.

Alongside seeing a Boulder Colorado sex addiction therapist for men, you may also try some self-help remedies at home. Try shifting your focus from masturbation to engaging in other fulfilling activities like yoga, running, meditation, art, etc. Joining a support group for masturbation addiction can help you meet other people who can relate to your struggles.

Contact us at 720-902-9919 to learn more about our 14-day intensive treatment program. Boulder Recovery is a leading masturbation addiction treatment center with several positive reviews and a high success rate. We have helped numerous of individuals overcome their behavioral and mental health challenges and embrace a healthier way of living. 

Masturbation Addiction Treatment Center

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Masturbation Addiction Treatment Center

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