Alcohol Rehab Program In Newport Beach

Alcohol Rehab Program In Newport Beach

Alcohol abuse is a cycle that is difficult to break on your own. If you are looking for help, an alcohol rehab program in Newport Beach can guide you to recovery. Alcohol abuse treatment is more than counseling. To achieve lasting sobriety, the treatment has to take a multi-pronged approach. At Newport Beach Recovery Center, we’re one of the premier rehabilitation centers in Newport Beach that use an individualized, holistic approach to treatment and ensure our patients receive the highest quality of care.

Treatment is led by our team that comprises certified, compassionate, and licensed medical professionals, therapists, and counselors. Each of our programs entails the use of traditional, modern, and evidence-based treatment to promote long-term success.

5 Benefits of Attending Our Alcohol Rehab Program

The following are the advantages of seeking addiction treatment in Newport Beach at our facility:

  1. Medical Assistance

When you stop drinking suddenly, you’ll experience withdrawal symptoms. Sometimes, they can be so severe enough to warrant medical attention. Having our qualified team of medical professionals assist you through this first step can significantly contribute to your recovery.

  1. Develop Coping Strategies to Avoid Relapsing

Being able to overcome your addiction and avoiding a relapse are major goals of your treatment. During your one-one-sessions with our professional counselors and therapists, they will seek to find and address the root cause of your addiction. From there, they will teach you coping mechanisms and help you manage your emotions and triggers as well as develop new, healthy habits to attain long-term sobriety.

  1. Group Therapy

While many may be skeptical about group therapy, it’s actually an effective approach to encouraging you to remain steadfast in your battle against addiction. As one of the best Newport Beach drug and alcohol rehabs, our group counseling sessions provide a judgment-free environment where you can open up to your peers, ask questions freely, and remain accountable. You will also get to learn so much from people in similar situations as you. You can be sure that your privacy will always be protected and our groups are kept small.

  1. Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

Attending our rehab allows you to develop a healthy lifestyle. For instance, we will encourage you to get into the habit of eating healthy meals and exercising regularly. Most people with an alcohol use disorder lack the essential nutrients that lead to a host of health issues, including sleep problems. At our addiction treatment center in Newport Beach, we follow a dieting program that ensures you eat all the nutrients your body requires to recover. Additionally, exercise is crucial to a healthy body that can handle the aftermath of addiction.

  1. Continuous Support

Your journey to recovery doesn’t stop once you complete treatment at our addiction treatment center. In fact, living in the real world can be more challenging. That is why we provide support to our patients in several ways. We have alumni engagement that offers lifetime support and sober living homes that enable our guests to transition smoothly from rehab to society.

Comprehensive, Compassionate Alcohol Abuse Care

As one of the top Newport Beach rehabs, our goal is to help our patients get the treatment and care they require to lead happier, healthier lives free from alcohol. Our alcohol abuse treatment includes a continuum of care from medical detox to inpatient and outpatient programs to sober living homes. Contact Newport Beach Recovery Center to speak with an accredited addiction treatment professional, and get the help you need for yourself or your loved one before it is too late: 1-855-316-8740.