About Ashley

Ashley MrozekThrough our deep and genuine relationship, my clients are able to develop the courage and the skills to make pivotal change that enhance the quality of their lives.

Let’s help you reach your goals…

My mentor once told me, “No matter how good the therapist is, the healing process can’t happen unless there is a good therapeutic relationship between the client and the therapist.” That is why I take the time and care to establish deep, authentic relationships with my clients while consistently fine-tuning my therapeutic skills. Through our sincere and genuine connection, my clients can develop the courage and the skills to make the pivotal change that enhances the quality of their lives.




Depression, anxiety, PTSD, trauma, substance use concerns, addictive behaviors, eating disorder, perfectionism, school performance pressure, life transitions, self-harming behaviors, self-compassion, addictive behaviors, parental or romantic relationship issues, work/life/home balance, grief/loss.


Kind, energetic, and direct. Ashley is trained in treating clients in critical and acute settings with the ability to utilize CBT, DBT and mindfulness interventions. She is very capable in handling a variety of concerns. Ashley provides individual, group and family sessions.


Adults , Young Adults struggling with depression, anxiety, self-esteem, relationships, identity, sexuality, faith/religion, panic, attention deficit, relationship issues, self-esteem and empowerment.

Teens struggling with self-esteem, depression, anxiety, panic, academics, ethnic/generational, relationships, sexuality, identity, attention, self-harming behaviors, faith/religion.