About Angelé

Angelé SuarezAngelé Suarez is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who enjoys helping her clients author meaningful life stories.

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Angelé is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the states of California, Nevada, Louisiana and Virginia.She received her Master’s Degree in Social Work from Colorado State University. With over 18 years of experience,

Angelé has worked as a therapist in a variety of in-patient and out-patient settings and with all age groups. She has also worked as an instructor for the University of Nevada-Las Vegas. Angelé is trained and certified in several different therapeutic approaches including, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, cognitive processing therapy and acceptance and commitment therapy. She is able to use these different approaches to individualize her treatment style and meet each person where they are at on their journey to recovery. Angelé provides an nonjudgmental understanding that each person has their own life story to share.




Depression, anxiety, PTSD, eating disorder, executive coaching, work life balance, Job burn out, transition and adjustment, perfectionist, OCD.


Calm, pragmatic, direct, no BS, logical. She used to own her own successful therapy practice where she managed 15-20 clinicians and complex contracts, she later sold her business. Well suited for executive coaching or clients with senior level careers.

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