support partner with depression

How to support a partner with depression

Being in a relationship with someone who struggles with depression can be difficult. It is hard to know what you can do to help and you may be worried about saying or doing the wrong thing. It can also be difficult to know if what you are doing is helping, causing you to get discouraged […]

foods to battle depression

Foods To Help Battle Depression

When you are feeling depressed, you probably aren’t thinking too much about the foods you are eating. But, research shows that eating right can give your brain the tools it needs to avoid (or even treat) depression.  Let’s get real here, when we eat right, we tend to weigh less and feel better overall. But […]

men symptoms depression

Men Show Depression & Anxiety Differently

Men and women have different ways of reacting to feelings of anxiety or depression. Where a woman might cry or voice feelings of nervousness or unrest, a man might react in an angry outburst, alcohol-abuse, or even muscle aches and pains. Difficult to Diagnose This significant difference in reactions often makes it difficult to diagnose […]

Mabel Yiu, MFT & CEO

[Not Available] Depression, anxiety, PTSD, trauma, perfectionism, school performance pressure, life transitions, self-harming behaviors, self-compassion, parental or romantic relationship issues, work/life/home balance, grief/loss, work-life balance, and leadership coaching. Learn More

Priya Bhogaonker, PsyD

[In-Person & Online Sessions] Specialty: Depression, anxiety, PTSD, trauma, substance use concerns, addictive behaviors, parenting, perfectionism, life transitions, self-compassion, parental or romantic relationship issues, work/life/home balance, grief/loss, being present with life. Learn More

About Priya

One of my greatest joy is to help my clients move toward a higher level of happiness and success. Let’s help you reach your goals… Over the last 14 years, I am grateful to have worked with a wide range of clients, including men and women, fighting to reclaim themselves from the darkest moments of […]

smartphone teen mental health

How is your teen’s smartphone impacting their mental health?

When we were teens we would leave school and actually leave. The day’s drama, while still on our minds for a short while, was left at our lockers. That doesn’t happen anymore—not with smartphones. Nowadays almost every teen you see has a smartphone of some kind, and they are damaging our children’s mental health. Research […]


What does your life look like when you can feel joy again? People around you tell you to stop worrying or stop feeling sad. Even YOU wish you can just stop the worries and sadness.  You may beat yourself up for not able to stop how you feel. This may make you feel alone because nobody understands you. […]

woman insomnia

Why Do Women Have More Sleepless Nights?

There is no question that women generally get less sleep than men. They are raising young children and have significant hormone fluctuations making it harder to catch those necessary zzzz’s. In fact, the Society for Women’s Health Research found that women are 1.4 times more likely to report insomnia than men.  But, research shows there […]