Couples Counseling


Both of you are having the same argument over and over again, or different arguments but the old stuff keep surfacing up;

Both of you are done with fighting and not even talking at all;

Both of you get along well as parents, but not connecting well as couples;

Your spouse tells you that the relationship is not going well, and you want to find ways to rekindle the relationship or find direction to the next step;

You two are not having sex anymore;

…and both of you are not happy.

Why Couples Counseling with Women’s Therapy Institute?

Often times women come to Women’s Therapy Institute first to figure out what is happening in their relationships, find ways to cope and change a few things on their own. Eventually, they want to bring their partners in so they can work on the relationship as a team.

Why would a man want couples counseling at the Women’s Therapy Institute?

We get it. Guys stop at their tracks when they hear “Women’s Therapy Institute,” and may even have a mental image of being ganged up by a bunch of women. That will not be the case when you work with us! We see no upside in cornering the guys. That’s not how we work. We believe a healthy relationship is about uplifting both partners, and honoring both people’s needs.

If your spouse is already seeing a therapist here, chances are we have a pretty good insight into your spouse’s thoughts and feelings about the relationship. When we only work with your spouse, we acknowledge that we only hear one side of the story, that is why we welcome you. We can better guide you two once we understand both sides of the story.

Not the same therapist

If your or your spouse is already seeing a therapist here, your couples counseling therapist will not be the same therapist. The reason is fairness and balance. We want to work with both of you as a couple. If your couples counseling therapist already has a relationship with one of you, there is a one-sided alliance. This creates an imbalance and makes couples work difficult.

Let’s figure this out

We guide couples to:

✓ Gain insight into why we do certain things;
✓ Learn to understand each other again;
✓ Find constructive ways to communicate;
✓ Come up with “win-win” ways to solve problems;
✓ More meaningful and satisfying sex;
✓ Figure out how they want their relationship to look like.

What should I expect?

One of our therapists who specializes couples therapy will be assigned to see both of you as couples. Involvement of both partners is preferred. Sometimes your couples therapist may want to speak with you individually to clarify some information, but sessions are mostly conducted with both partners.

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